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August 1-11, 2019

Every year for ten days in August, Minneapolis comes alive with the most experimental, most laugh-out-loud, most affecting, most fringe-iest theater and dance performances of the year. The Minnesota Fringe is the largest non-juried festival in the country, and most of the action takes place right here on the West Bank.

Here are our picks for shows on the West Bank:

Dancers in a clump surrounded by illustrated flowers.

Botanical Dancing

Southern Theater

Permanent visuals spill into the world of performance art as dancers take the stage with paint and markers to articulate ecological concepts. This thrilling culmination promises no shortage of groovy fun.

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Woman wearing handcuffs clutching her head.


Southern Theater

After declining her last appeal on death row, convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos questions the path that led her to becoming one of Florida’s most notorious killers. Inspired by a true story.

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Man wearing rainbow accessories holding a protest sign reading: Love is Carbon Neutral. Let's C how many O's the 2 of us can make.

Carbon Man-Dating: A climate themed Gay Romantic Comedy

Augsburg Studio

Climate activist groups form an online dating program to help their LGBTQ organizers build up a love life, piecing the profound intersectionality between both social movements into a quilt of nonstop laughs.

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Two women wearing amour with a horse.

Xena and Gabrielle Smash the Patriarchy

Theatre in the Round

In a time fraught with the resurgence of patriarchy, body regulation, and the imposition of draconian laws, the world cried out for a hero… her name was Xena!

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Spooky alien wearing a mask in a dark theater.

Ploys for Ensemble Glitz and Crisis Actors

Southern Theater

It’s not a conspiracy, we “promise!” The lights of Satan frame the faces of those who prepare to take the stage. And we’re going to take it back! We take a keen, empirical interest in the obvious truth!

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Musicians and dancers lounge around a white pedestal.

It’s Happening Now

Rarig Center Arena

Painting the Room is a collective of dancers, musicians, and speakers who, together, create performances on the spot. All of the content is totally improvised.

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Hands holding song books.


Rarig Center Thrust

A collegiate choir journeys across the country for their annual tour in this musical coming-of-age tale. A reflection on all the people that come in and out of our lives, and the music that brings us together.

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A mime covering his mouth.

Quiet Riot

Augsburg Mainstage

Set to a rip-roarin’ soundtrack and wordless as they are badass, the award-winning mimes of BKBX remix the classic French medium in their heart-thumping and lol-inducing collection of original shorts.

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There are even more shows happening on the West Bank, Northeast Minneapolis, and around town. Check them all out here on the Minnesota Fringe website →


Tickets to the Fringe Festival start at $14 for adults/ $6 for kids, but there are multi-show passes available. Learn more on the Minnesota Fringe website →

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