This week on the West Bank, I had dinner at Lucky Dragon Restaurant. Located right on Riverside, (1827 Riverside Ave), it is so easy to spot and is in the most ideal location for parking – surrounded by street meters, lots, and ramps! Also, though, it is in within walking distance of the U of M and Augsburg campuses, in addition to nearby neighborhoods.

Aside from the directional appeals, the building itself is quite unique. With red and yellow décor outlining the exterior and interior of the building, the Lucky Dragon succeeds in presenting an authentic, unified feel to the restaurant as a whole. Inside, there’s a fountain surrounded by expressive statues, intricately painting table tops and booths, and various wall-hangings and other alike decorations, all adding to the comforting feel the restaurant exuberates.

Perhaps what solidifies its solid reputation even more that the décor, though, are the testimonials and reviews. For me personally, I have heard nothing but great things. After a couple weeks, I decided to try it out, and I have nothing but great things to report back with! To start it out, we were led to our seats right away, and with how many different seating options they have, it appears that this example of fast service is within the norm. In fact, it took me more time to decide what I wanted to order than it took to actually get my food! This is more than likely due in part to the massive menu they have, (perhaps one of the biggest I have seen), housing plenty of tastes and varieties of Asian cuisine for a decent price, (especially in consideration of the big portion they provide you with, equaling plenty of leftovers).

The food spoke for itself. I just got a simple chicken combination, though instead of the eggroll, I asked if they could serve wontons with my meal. This, to me, spoke for their awesome service again, because the waitress said they could accommodate my request, no problem, and consistently came back to refill our waters without us even realizing they were low.

Whether you’re stopping by for their infamous lunch special, want to order take out, or are craving a late dinner like I did, the Lucky Dragon will not disappoint. An attentive and accommodating crew, an authentic and comfortable feel, combined with a tasty and inexpensive meal, it’s worth all of its earned recognition. Take it from me, as I took it from others, and go check out the Lucky Dragon!

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