The Corner Bar

This past week on the West Bank, my friends and I decided to spend our “Sunday Fun-day” patio and bar hopping within the Seven Corners neighborhood, taking full advantage of what is left of the warm weather. Specifically, we ended our night by checking out The Corner Bar for some food and drink, (with nearby parking located just out back).

Never having been there before, I am left now wondering why I do not spend more time there! It is one of the most ideal locations to hang out, for a variety of reasons. For starters, I was there for the first Viking preseason game, filling booths with fans and bar-goers alike. The space provides such a fun atmosphere, with TVs and big screen projectors covering the walls; there really is not a bad angle in the house to watch and root on your favorite sports team. The bar erupted in cheers with each touchdown, topped off with the bartenders ringing their classic bell. Whether it is for a baseball game, a football game, or whatever event peaks your interest, this is the perfect place for some camaraderie at all times of the day.

For example, the bar is a sponsor for Cities Sports Connection, hosting deals on game nights for neighborhood softball leagues. The Corner Bar also is a sort of host to comedy shows, housing the Comedy Corner Underground within basement of the building. With a variety of shows and dates to choose from, (including free open mic nights at 10 P.M.), and due to the fact that it the only 4 star comedy club in the cities, your night is bound to be filled with good laughs and a good time. For more information on this specific feature of The Corner Bar, check out the Comedy Corner Underground’s website at: Let’s just say it is well known for a reason!

The Corner Bar is also well known for much of its food and drink, specifically their joey style wings. Each item my friends and I had ordered were mouth-watering and more than satisfying, from a simple shrimp salad, to a meatball sub. Whether you decide to build your own pizza or stick to an appetizer, The Corner Bar takes your simple game-day food and perfects it, with good portions and a good price, (on top of their weekly specials for rails and beers alike).

Overall, as stated before, this place truly stands out. The ambiance it provides – with its welcoming faces, plentiful seating, classic decor, big windows, and stellar view – sets the Corner Bar apart from other bars.

In the end, The Corner Bar says it best themselves, as quoted on their website:

“Located in Minneapolis’ historic Seven Corners district, The Corner Bar is the perfect place for a beer after class, a quick business lunch, or to watch the big game. We have 15+ beers on tap, tons of screens to never miss a second of the action. We’re also home to the highest rated Comedy Club in the Cities.”

What more could one want? For more information on menus and pricing, comedy tickets and schedules, or just a look for yourself, check it all out at, or in person with your friends next game day!

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