Town Hall

Town Hall

This week on the West Bank, I decided to check out the Town Hall Brewery. With waitresses dancing to the music, TVs playing the latest games, and the cozy wooden ambiance, the restaurant had such a unique feel to it that was easy to fall in love with. One of the more appealing aspects though, is how close it is! Right by Walter F. Mondale Hall, the restaurant is located at 1430 South Washington Avenue.

To start things out, one of the highlights of my experience was the fact that there was literally no wait to be seated; I arrived at 6:30 P.M. on a Saturday evening and did not have to wait even a minute before I was being escorted to my table. I specifically opted to be seated within the lounge area, complete with a fireplace and comfy chairs, although you can also choose to sit by the bar or in normal restaurant style seating. Lots of options!

The bar is yet another unique highlight of the restaurant. The Town Hall Brewery has an original selection of specialty ales and brews, such as the pumpkin or key lime pie ale, most of which are brewed by the Town Hall itself! With an award-winning selection, you’re bound to find the perfect beer for whatever mood you’re feeling; this is a perfect place to grab drinks with coworkers after work, to distress after a long school day, or just to kick back and enjoy a good drink!

The food menu has a lot of variety to offer as well. I decided to stick with the basics and get the West Bank Chicken Club, (with a side of their amazing fries of course). With avocado mayo and buns the size of my head, I left feeling full and as though I got more than my money’s worth. The prices are fair and comparable across the board, though the service cannot compare. I received my food 10 minutes after ordering, (which may be the shortest time I have ever waited at a restaurant, no lie).

Overall, the upbeat, cozy atmosphere, in addition to the good food and fast service makes this a restaurant that is pretty hard to beat. Check out the menu, the brewery, where to park, and more online at, (because the website is actually really cool), or even better, check out the Town Hall Brewery in person today!

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