This Week on West Bank… Acadia

This week on the West Bank, I ate at Acadia Café. Located right on the corner of Cedar and Riverside, (329 Cedar Avenue), with a bright and bold hand-painted storefront, the restaurant was really easy to find.

No crap on tap” is where we should begin, for it is a saying that Acadia takes pride in and truly encompasses with every drink served. From beer flights and various ales, to cocktails and weekly specials, there’s always something new to try on the drink menu. When I went for lunch with friends, the bartender was awesome at helping to pick out which crafted beer to pair each of our meals; the workers always have good, honest recommendations of the menu, which leads to a good, honest recommendation of the service from me!

The saying may need an addition to it, though, because really, there wasn’t “crap” served on the food menu either. I ordered the Chipotle Turkey, a favorite and specialty of the restaurant, for lunch this week. The sandwich literally could have fed me for a week! Without a doubt, you will have leftovers to take home, (which is nice for us busy students who, let’s be honest, do not know how to cook). Not to mention the sweet potato fries I ordered with it were perhaps the best I’ve ever had. The amount of food compared to the cheap prices is incomparable to similar restaurants of its kind. I was very surprised and very satisfied.

The atmosphere itself is pretty noteworthy too. With entertaining signs covering the bold, red walls, Acadia presents itself as a fun place to simply hang out with friends. One aspect that makes the café come to life is the live music. As seen on the Event Calendar on, a variety of artists come in to perform each night of the week. Wednesdays, though, is karaoke night. What better way to spend the night than sipping on an beer and singing badly with friends? So, come in tonight and join in on the fun!

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