The Hiawatha Bike Trail (accessible via the Midtown Greenway) crosses the neighborhood behind Currie Park right next to the Light Rail line. The Hiawatha Bike Trail between Downtown Minneapolis and the West Bank over 35W is not accessible through 2013.


Light Rail

The West Bank is easily accessible via both the Green Line and Blue Line light rail systems. There are two Blue Line light rail stops that are close to the West Bank: the Blue Line Cedar Riverside Station passes directly through the neighborhood, and the Franklin Ave Blue Line Station is a short walk north down Cedar Ave to the neighborhood. The Green Line’s West Bank station plants you directly in the heart of the neighborhood on Cedar Ave.

For more information on light rail go to the Metro Transit Light Rail Website


Bus Routes

The University of Minnesota Bus Routes : Route 2  serves the West Bank Area. For more information on this route and connecting routes check out the Metro Transit Online Schedule.