On the TheWestBank.org’s calendar we list upcoming shows at our awesome West Bank venues which includes theater, music, and more. The West Bank Business Association staff thought it would be fun to review albums in advance of shows and highlight them on the website – and when we heard Dengue Fever was going to be playing at the Cedar Cultural Center, we couldn’t think of a better inaugural album for this series of posts!

We hope you enjoy the following reviews. Stay tuned for more as we take a look at other artists coming up at our awesome West Bank venues.


Dengue Fever’s Cannibal Courtship – Lucas’s Review

Ironic groovy pit stop choruses with just a little bit of pout and attitude for your pleasure. This album has excellent irreverent girl/boy vocal stylings so savory this match up has to be headed for a divorce, so catch the sound now. Best line has to be “my girlfriend loves everything at the beach but the water, sand and the sun.” Just a little bit as if the John Spencer Blues Explosion’s tour bus intentionally ran over the Partridge Family on a late Kansas afternoon. I could eat these Carly Simon rhythms and Nirvana backed base lines in endless helpings and still make room for Dengue’s tentative dreamy melodies that carry you away. Signature song is definitely “Family Business,” Just FYI it’s TMI.

Dengue Fever’s Cannibal Courtship – J-me’s review

I first listened to this album during my days at Bicycle Theory and I was quickly hooked. Cambodian surf-rock with a bit of a Long Beach sound. Zac Hotlzman’s vocals and the band itself compliment the songbird Chhom Nimol, a well known singer from the Cambodian community prior to her work with the band Dengue Fever. This album, “Cannibal Courtship” is one of my favorites from the band. (And if you’re interested, you can read my original full album review along with a few others at the Bicycle Theory Blog: http://blog.bicycletheory.com/whats-on/?intResourceID=1877)

Does the album hold up for me over time? Definitely so!

If you like Dengue’s music, I’d also check out the documentary “Sleepwalking through the Mekong” which follows the band to Cambodia and explores the Cambodian roots of their music. And if you’re in town this Sunday, catch the band live at the Cedar Cultural Center! I’ll see you there. 🙂

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