Kasey Chambers Bittersweet

As summer is coming to a close for us Minnesotans, we’re all naturally trying to grasp what’s left of it. We try to spend as much time in the sun as possible, enjoying the warmth and good times accompanied by it. Whether it is long days at the lake, or nights out within the various neighborhoods of Minneapolis, there are plenty of quintessential things us Minnesotans overplay in the summertime. Perhaps one of the best examples is a solid country tune.

This week I ventured just a little past the West Bank to the Electric Fetus, located on 4th Ave. South in Minneapolis, (speaking of which, you should definitely check out and support the local business), in pursuit of country and folk artist Kasey Chambers’ latest album, Bittersweet.

Kasey Chambers is an Australian artist who pens and produces countless popular country songs and albums, as proven by her various nominations and awards earned, such as Best Female Artist. In terms of Bittersweet specifically, it was introduced on the top music charts in Australia on top of being coined as the Best Country Album, (all of which can be read at http://www.thecedar.org/events/2015/08/13/kasey-chambers).

I spent my weekend testing out the album for myself, and needless to say I was not disappointed. With such a unique tone and rhythm, Kasey isn’t your typical country artist – you can definitely hear her folk influence represented in each song. Her words flow in a way that expresses a variety of stories to be told; more than the usual clichés so much of our music is compiled of today.

The profile on Kasey hosted on West Bank’s own Cedar’s website describes it best, in the purest form:
“Today, after years in the industry, Kasey is naïve no more. She’s felt music as both aggressor
and healer— grinding and cleansing like some pure, vicious coast. It demands a lot from its
maker. But whenever she feels lost, Kasey takes it back to basics. This raw approach helped knit
together the loose threads that became the Lost Dogs, a band that healed Kasey, and allowed
her to rediscover her love of song.
“I’m doing the exact same thing right now with this album” she admits…”

To me, the album is like soul music; it is like Kasey is telling you her own, personal story in casual conversation, such as in the lyrics of the album’s distinguished song “Bittersweet”, featuring Bernard Fanning, and so many others, such as “I’m Alive” and “I Would Do”. Really, the whole album speaks this way.

The best part of  tour is scheduled to make a stop at Cedar on the West Bank this month, on Thursday, August 13th at 7:30 P.M. With doors opening at 7:00 P.M. and tickets sold at a low price of $30.00, this show is bound to make for a fun, summer night. More ticket, discount, and show information can be found on the Cedar’s website, (link provided above), with tickets being sold from now until the day-of the concert, online and in person, (such as at the Electric Fetus, mentioned above).

Already a huge hit, with center section seating sold out, it is time get your general admission tickets fast and let’s end summer on a good note!

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