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Those who spend most of their time on the West Bank know it’s the people that really make this neighborhood so incredible. The staff, the residents and of course, the regulars!

We wanted to use this blog to highlight some of the awesome faces that make the West Bank the West Bank. When thinking about this feature, one of the first people to come to MY mind was the awesome Angie Courchaine. Have you met her? She’s incredible. A regular feature at local events from festivals to clean ups, a generous spirit and also incredibly talented too. And if you don’t see her in the crowd – look up – she might just be walking tall that day! Angie is a part of the awesome Chicks on Sticks crew, performing with Barebones, Bedlam, and also right here on the West Bank!
A little more about Angie from Angie herself:

This is my 6th year living in Cedar-Riverside.  Before that, though, I lived in Middlebrook, the West Bank U of M dorm, where several of my suburban dorm-mates expressed fear of the neighborhood, so I never really explored it back then.  I actually lived in Como when I first started exploring the West Bank.  I was taking too many college classes, and, desiring a coffeeshop open later than the ones in Dinkytown, I finally made it to Hard Times.  As a natural night owl from a very small town, finding other people awake at 4 AM, some of whom I could pay to make me food and coffee, was amazing.  From there, I ventured to Bedlam (now a biiiit further away, but thankfully on the lightrail), where I sometimes saw shows 2 or 3 nights per week.  Eventually, it just made sense to move here.  Oh, and my scaredy-cat dorm mates?  They were wrong.  The West Bank is always awake and alive, so I can get any kind of food or drink at any time of day within walking distance, and always see people I know on the street.  Safety in numbers!


Thanks Angie for helping make (and keep) the West Bank so damn awesome.


The “Here Comes A Regular” feature is part of an ongoing series on blog. Do you have a friend or regular face you’d like to nominate?. Nominees receive public acclaim AND  $25! Send their story and a picture to:

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