photo-dec-21-7-56-56-pmThe West Bank is home to a number of restaurants, ranging from American style bar food to Ethiopian cuisine. So when I found myself in the neighborhood on a cold winter night, hungry and looking for something warm and delicious to eat, I was happy to spot Jewel of India, a familiar spot known for serving great Indian food to students and residents. It had been years since I’d eaten there and figured it was a perfect time to make a return visit.


My companion and I stepped into the cozy restaurant, greeted by warm, low lighting, and upbeat music playing in the background. We were immediately seated by a friendly waitress and given water and menus. Right away we were pleased to see a menu loaded with pictures! Menus with visual aids are a personal favorite as I find them very helpful when I’m either a) indecisive or b) not familiar with a particular dish. And you know what they say; you eat with your eyes first!


After pouring over the options (which all looked amazing) my companion and I ordered the Mughal Mixed Grill (an assortment of grilled and broiled meats), Saag Paneer (cheese cooked with spinach), and Naan (flatbread baked in a tandoor). The Mughal Mixed Grill dish came out sizzling on a piping hot, cast iron plate. The chicken, shrimp, and lamb were tender and covered in sweet onions that had the right amount of char from the hot plate. The dish came with two kinds of chutney, mint and tamarind, which added a touch of sweetness and minty freshness. The Saag Paneer was thick, creamy, and the paneer was soft and bouncy. The naan was chewy and fresh, great for sopping up every bite of the Saag Paneer.

Service was friendly and attentative; the food was fresh and filling, and reasonably priced. While they do take credit cards, the waitress informed us the credit card machine was broken that night, but luckily we had cash on hand.

We paid for our meal and left satisfied and full, ready for the rest of the evening. If you’re in the mood for fresh Indian cuisine, served by a friendly staff, check out Jewel of India for dinner (or check out their lunch buffet too!).

Jewel of India

1427 Washington Ave S,

Minneapolis, MN 55454

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