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If you hadn’t already noticed, Acadia has revamped and re-amped their website ( to showcase their two favorite things: live music and beer.  With performances 7 nights per week, from folk to burlesque their new calendar is sharp and interactive.  It’s excellent for mobile viewing and events can easily be saved to personal calendars.  What’s on tap is updated frequently so you always know the sips and sounds they have to offer before ever stepping through the door.

Events to look out for?  If you wanna geek out with your friends multi-media style check out Acadia 64 on Tuesdays at 8pm for MarioKart, Super Smash Bros and Goldeneye all projected on a stage sized screen for the whole bar to watch.  Challenge friends and rivals on the big screen for maximum bragging rights.  Their weekly game night features drink specials and prizes – oh my.

For cinematic aficionados, Acadia has free movie nights every Sunday at 7pm.  October features a Friday the 13th marathon on October 19th and a Michael Myers triple threat feature on the 26th.  As they say here, “cheese curds are better than popcorn,” so order some snacks and settle in for some slasher spooks.

If you are still searching for plans on Halloween, Acadia has a metal show not to miss.  HammerHeart brewing will be curating the music line up including BlackThorne and Pain Forest.  They will also be featuring four of their signature Norse and Celtic inspired beers.  Don your horns and loosen your belt for a Viking style Oktoberfest with jams to melt your brain and spirits to warm your dark little soul.


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