The West Bank is home to several religious communities representing the diversity of faiths and spiritualities of its residents and visitors.

Dar Al-Hijrah Riverside Islamic Center & Islamic Civic Society of America
504 Cedar Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

An Islamic cultural center and mosque serving the local and national community. The Islamic Civic Society of America (ICSA) demonstrates the compatibility between Islamic and Civic principles in a democratic society with membership services. Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque offers Islamic study classes, five daily prayers, Friday prayers, eid prayers, Ramadan nightly prayers, and many more spiritual service programs.

Imam Shafii Mosque
1501 S. 5th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454

A mosque serving the local community.

Trinity Lutheran Congregation
2015 Riverside Ave #210
Minneapolis, MN 55454

A progressive community of faith actively engaged in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. Its current mission is to help break down the walls of racism, sexuality, ethnic origin, economic status and religion. In 1966 Trinity lost its building to Interstate 94 construction. The mission-minded congregation voted to use its resources in active outreach to the Cedar-Riverside community rather than investing in a new church building. As they say, the lack of conventional church walls “frees us to tear down walls that can separate us from effective service to God and each other.”