This week on the West Bank, I decided to try Republic. Located within the 7 Corners area of the neighborhood, Republic is right on the intersection of S Washington Ave-Cedar Ave; depending on where you come from, one of the first places you see upon entering the West Bank! And don’t worry… there’s a parking ramp right across the street.

You might have heard of the Republic before, because there are a couple locations scattered about the city, but this location truly has found its niche here within the neighborhood. With artistic ceilings and a classy appeal, the wood walls and red accent fit right in with the other buildings nearby. Located near the Town Hall Brewery, the Corner Bar, and Bullwinkle’s Saloon, this area makes for a fun night out, with Republic being the perfect pit stop for food and drinks.

Specifically, I say the words “pit stop” because I can honestly say that this was the fastest service I had received at a restaurant, ever. This probably due in part to the waiters/waitresses they have on staff. I was very impressed with the waiter we had, who made jokes, and went above and beyond, (such as to find what song was playing during our meal). They put the customer first, in all aspects, just as they claim. “Republic. A pub for the people.”

In all, it is quite possible that I waited for my food to come in less time than it took me to decide what I wanted on the menu and ask the waiter about different selections! The drink menu alone takes up two pages, full of unique brews and different categories, (IPAs, EPAs, Hoppy, etc.); there were literally 16 ciders to choose from alone if that gives you a better picture, compared to maybe the typical 2 or 3 that restaurants offer. The food menu was just as pleasing. I specifically ordered a Turkey and Brie sandwich, paired with the house salad, (though you can upgrade to fries, of course), and left completely satisfied. The serving was perfect; I left feeling content. Paired with a good, dark beer, and you’ll have one happy tummy, and one happy wallet. The prices range depending on what you order, from entrees to appetizers, but all are within a normal range to be expected.

Don’t let the term “pit stop” fool you though! Republic is definitely a fun place to spend some time and hang out with friends, for brunch, (which I hear is AMAZING, topped with a build your own Bloody Mary bar), or dinner! The menu I received was within the dining section of the restaurant, but they also have bar seating, with various other drinks and specialties listed above. When the weather is nice, they even have a huge section of patio seating out front, lit by colorful café lighting. This ambiance, in addition to the various activities they conduct weekly, such as Tuesday Trivia night, make for a fun atmosphere to hang out and enjoy some good grub.

Interested? Check out more information on the menu and activities at, but more importantly, check out Republic, one of the top 100 bars in America, TODAY! A business like that doesn’t get that kind of title for no reason.


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