The 7west apartment building is pretty hard to miss… Located right on the corner of Washington Ave. S and 19th Ave. S, it is one of first buildings you see upon entering the neighborhood. A huge building, it truly has a lot to offer those looking for a high-quality place to live.

For starters, (I have to admit), 7west captured my heart from the moment I walked in. For the tour, we met in the front lobby, and from there I was greeted with a bucket full of ice and complimentary water bottles, paired with doggie dishes full with water and treats for your best friend below, (yes, this is one of the only buildings in the area that is pet friendly). To me, it was this little attention to detail from the start that set the building apart.

All around you can see their close attention to detail represented. From the thoughtful amenities in each room to the 100 metal bees scattered across the walls of the interior and exterior of the “hive”, the building has such a unique, home-like feel. Specifically, during construction, they brought in Andrew Hong, a feng shui expert, to help with the décor, defining the ambiance of the place. Needless to say, a lot of thought went into the building of these apartments, in order to give residents the best experience, right down to the very placement of the front door.

Now to some logistics… In total, there are 218 different units, including studios, one bedroom, one bedroom plus den, and two bedroom apartments, ranging anywhere from $1100 to $2300 per month. Each unit comes complete with a front load washer and dryer, your basic appliances, and bare walls, providing leeway to decorate your place exactly how you want it. An extra feature they also offer is short-term furniture rentals, making furnishing your apartment that much more easy. These units are housed within large, wide hallways, decorated by residents with colorful and welcoming doormats along the way. It is a place that you can truly and seemingly make your own.

Some other interesting places in the building are located right down the hall from each the units. First off, the apartment building has a massive work out room, complete with multiple machines, free weights, TV’s, and anything else you could need. This is located near a few big common areas as well, with fire places and plenty of seating options. There is also a common room that you can rent for various purposes, such as birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinners, or just merely for hanging out with whomever! It is complete with porch access, a fridge and cooking area, a nice dining area, a pool table, couches, and bar-like seating. The management of 7west even hosts happy hour here a few times a year for residents to come hang out and get to know their neighbors. Lastly, as mentioned, there are a couple porches and terraces residents have access to for bringing their pets, hanging out outside, enjoying the nice view of the river, and grilling by the fire.

Some other notable amenities, aside from those housed within, have to deal with the ideal location. U of M students might recall seeing this building on the daily; it is located right across the street from the Walter F. Mondale Law School, but it is important to keep in mind that this is not limited to students alone. In fact, only about half of the building’s population is students; it is occupied by mainly graduate students and young professionals. This is more than likely due in part to the fact that the light rail is nearby, with easy access to downtown, and because of the fun neighborhood it resides in. In addition to these nearby features, there is also a hotel, the Courtyard Marriot, and a parking ramp connected to the front of the building, making having family and guests visits that much more convenient for all parties involved. In fact, both of these resources are very accommodating to 7west residents; the hotel will provide a 10% discount to visiting families and friends upon request, there are rentable zip cars housed within the ramp, and there is a heated, underground bike ramp for residents, complete with an air pump and all.

This place is truly worth considering, not only because of what I have detailed above, but also in consideration of the fact that it is the only apartment building to earn a Leed Gold award in all of Minneapolis! Whether this is because of its efficiency, such as the censored lights, to the fact that the apartment’s mission is not only to develop themselves, but develop the neighborhood as a whole, this is award does not go undeserved. Check out more at and inquire about your next housing situation here, TODAY!

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