The Holtzermann Building

Over the on the West Bank, aside from the countless restaurants, bars, theatres, and cafes, there’s a plethora of housing opportunities for students, alumni, working professionals, and families alike! This past month, I had the opportunity to tour the Holtzermann Building, located right on Cedar Avenue, above Al-Karama Small, West Bank Grocery, and Al-Karama Cedar Square. In other words, the Holtzermann is right in the heart of the neighborhood!

With the aged, red brick exterior, the historic apartment building stands tall and bright. The front doors of the building are located right on Cedar Ave., (in between the neighboring business’ store fronts), secure with locked access that only residents have the key for. Upon entering the front door for our tour, we were greeted with a small staircase and spacious hallways, (if you have ever attempted to move a bed or couch within an apartment building, you know that wide hallways are something to look for)! The units themselves are scattered generously across the halls, with only a few units per hall, which seemed to provide a nice, quiet atmosphere.

We specifically toured three different types of apartments. In total, there are 29 various apartments, (9 of which are studio style), all ranging within the price range of approximately $400-$1000 per month. Utilities are almost always included within this price, aside from a few units who additionally pay for their electricity costs, (due to location purposes within the building). As with the pricing of the units, each varies in their uniqueness and amenities. Specifically, 14 of the apartments have lofts, (awesome for storage!), and 4 have dishwashers. Some of the units are unique in their interior decor, including exposed red brick and tin ceilings, giving each apartment an artistic feel. Also, some units have recently been redone due to recent damages, complete with new tile and flooring.

Aside from these small differences, (and from my perspective of touring a studio style and various multiple bedroom apartments), they all have a common feel and quality to them. For one, the structure is seemingly the same, with solid countertops, topped with an oven and sink, clean and modern bathrooms, high ceilings, wood floors, and absolutely beautiful, big windows, (needless to say with a perfect view of the neighborhood).

Some other interesting aspects of the building are found out back, which all residents have access to. Connected by a grand inter-web and stairs and porches, the “backyard” of the building contains 3 gardens and a massive, sheltered storage area for bikes. This inter-web design also allots for residents to go from one end of the building to the other, with ease.

Aside from all of the visible qualities the Holtzermann has for current and potential residents, there are a lot of miscellaneous aspects that I feel are enticing for consideration. Specifically, the building is about 2 blocks away from a light rail station, connecting you from downtown Minneapolis to St. Paul. For this reason, and for others, it seems like a perfect location for those working within the cities or for those simply love the culture they possess. Also, it is only about 3 blocks away from the U of M campus, which is perfect of students, professors, and those who are fans of the campus and all it has to offer.

It truly is an awesome place to consider living, nearby to grocers, restaurants, pubs, and the cities; it fully encompasses the unique character of the West Bank neighborhood in its interior, history, views, and feels. In all, the Holtzermann is in the heart of it all, and without a doubt, seemingly has the heart of its residents. Don’t believe my word? Let these pictures speak for themselves!

2015-03-16_Holtz01 2015-03-16_Holtz06

If you look closely you can see the shadow of the “H”

2015-03-16_Holtz05 2015-03-16_Holtz04 2015-03-16_Holtz03

tin ceilings…


a room with a view…

This post is part of an ongoing series about places to stay on the West Bank of Minneapolis.  Interested in finding out more about the Holtzermann and/or how to get on the wait list? Contact Marine at 651-454-5667, or email

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