The Wienery is one of those hidden spots that is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look, but if you spot it, you’ll be treated to simple, tasty, no-frills food.


I popped into The Wienery on a recent afternoon, looking for a quick bite. Fancy and modern, The Wienery is not. This is the type of place that can be best described as a “hole in the wall” and that’s exactly part of its charm. An essential West Bank spot, The Wienery serves up solid breakfast and lunch in a humble atmosphere.


When you walk in you’ll notice that the space is very tiny and well-weathered, with just a few small tables against the wall. But, you’ll want to grab one of the stools at the counter where you can look over the eclectic pictures and tchotchkes that line the shelves and walls. From plastic dinosaurs, to old photographs and postcards, this place has a lot of history and character.


The day we went, there was one friendly gentleman who was a one-man band operation. Not only did he greet us, give us our menus, and glasses (self service water or sodas from the soda machine), but he took our order, and cooked our entire meal as well. And he did it all very quickly!

Now, for such a small place the menu has a surprising number of options. Pick your type of dog (Vienna all beef hot dog, beef polish, smoked bratwurst, spicy Italian sausage, or vegan tofu dog), choose your style of toppings, and if you’re extra hungry add in some fries, which you can also customize with a variety of toppings. If hot dogs aren’t your thing they serve burgers and wiene-wiches. They even have an extensive breakfast menu if you’re more of a morning food type of person.


I was in the mood for a hot dog, so I ordered the Briny Dog (kraut, pickle and spicy giardiniera sauce) on an all beef hot dog, while my companion ordered the Mr. Sunshine (spicy giardiniera sauce and cheese) on a spicy Italian sausage. We also split an order of chili cheese fries.

My companion thoroughly enjoyed the Mr. Sunshine, and I devoured my hot dog. The crisp, sourness of the kraut, pickle and giardiniera mix were perfect with the all beef hot dog. And our chili cheese fries were made with fresh cut fries loaded with meaty chili and plenty of cheese. Best eaten with a fork!

All in all, the meal was very affordable and very filling. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy lunch (or breakfast), check out The Wienery!

414 Cedar Ave S

Minneapolis MN 55454

Sun-Thurs 11am-3pm

Fri-Sat 11am-8pm


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