Minneapolis’s thriving art community includes top-notch venues hosting theater, dance, and visual arts, much of it on the West Bank. From classical to experimental, the work is creative and progressive. Mixed Blood Theatre Company, Theatre in the Round, and the Southern Theater make their home on the West Bank, as well as the University of Minnesota’s West Bank Arts Quarter complexes (Rarig Center, Nash Gallery, and Ted Mann Concert Hall).


Barbara Barker Center for Dance at the University of Minnesota
500 S. 21st Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454

A primary mission at the University of Minnesota is to educate students and audiences about the performing arts and about the social issues and human emotions the arts speak to so powerfully. Committed to creating, producing and studying works of theatre and dance and performing them publicly for diverse audiences drawn from both the University and the community at large.


Cedar Cultural Center
416 Cedar Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

A highly eclectic music venue located in the vibrant West Bank district of Minneapolis. Renowned for hosting some of the best acts in folk, blues, jazz, indie rock and world music in an intimate space we are a non-profit, largely volunteer-driven organization and welcomes your support to promote inter-cultural appreciation and understanding through the presentation of global music and dance. The Cedar is committed to artistic excellence and integrity, diversity of programming, support for emerging artists, and community outreach. Our state-of-the-art sound system provides excellent sound quality anywhere within the 465-seat capacity hall, Most concerts offer general admission, concert-style seating in comfortable padded chairs, with space for dancers around the perimeter.


Ka Joog
The Southern Theater
1420 Washington Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55454

In 2008, members of the Somali immigrant community in the Twin Cities asked themselves some important questions.

  • What if we could build positive images of Somali, Africa and its people here in America?
  • What if we could create a stress-free environment, a place where we share our talents, our voices, and our ideas in a positive manner?
  • What if we could be the village that helps to raise successful Somali children and youths in the Twin Cities?

Ka Joog is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Our mission is to answer those questions and realize every one of those dreams, and many more. We initiated this non-profit organization in early 2008, in the hope that it would carry our mission and vision.

Ka Joog began with a vision, a dream, and lots of ”what-ifs.” Our intention is to provide meaningful activities for Somali youth in Minnesota in order to build a strong support network for their future. We would like to educate our little brothers and sisters—and our peers—to inspire them to pursue higher education, and to let them know that their community is here for them.  Ka Joog is proud to say that we are continually planning and finding new ways to work with our community, motivate our adults and young adults to vote and to participate in other civil aspects in our society.


Katherine E. Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota
405 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

The Katherine E. Nash Gallery facilitates numerous artistic and cultural events, and is an integral part of the artistic community at the University of Minnesota. Exhibiting works of art in various media by diverse artists from Minnesota as well as regional, national and international artists, this teaching gallery provides students and faculty with a public venue to learn about all aspects of exhibition and audience engagement.


KFAI Fresh Air Radio
1808 Riverside Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

KFAI offers unique arts, talk, and cultural programming throughout the week: community affairs, health, artist interviews, literary discussions, radio drama, and documentaries. You can also find shows for the Twin Cities Hmong, Somali, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Oromo, Filipino, Cambodian, Vietnamese, South Indian, and Native American communities, among others…Radio without boundaries at FM 90.3 in Minneapolis and 106.7 in St. Paul.


Mixed Blood Theatre
1501 S. 4th St
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Housed in a turn-of-the-century brick firehouse, the Mixed Blood Theatre Company is a nationally recognized professional, multi-racial theatre promoting cultural pluralism and individual equality through artistic excellence. Using theater as a vehicle for artistry, entertainment, education and social change, Mixed Blood Theatre addresses artificial barriers that keep people from succeeding in American society. Eclectic, cutting-edge work.


People’s Center Theater
425 20th Avenue South, 3rd Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55454
(612) 333-6816

The People’s Center Theater is a dynamic 75-100 seat theater venue in the heart of the West Bank. The space is ready to accommodate theatrical productions including plays and musicals, dance and music concerts, lectures or workshops. Formerly home to such companies as Joking Apart, Mary Worth, Pig’s Eye, MN Shakespeare Project, and others, its history dates back to the 1970’s when it was home to the longest running Women’s Theater Company in the US, At the Foot of the Mountain.


Rarig Center
330 S. 21st Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Home to the University of Minnesota’s Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, Rarig Center is situated in the heart of the West Bank Arts Quarter. The center features four performance spaces, each accessed from a unique four-story lobby, and associated production shops, offices and classroom. Designed by original Guthrie Theater architect Ralph Rapson, the building is a hub for University theater and dance programs.


Southern Theater
1420 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55454

The Southern Theater’s mission is to foster a community of exceptional artists. Built in 1910 as a cultural center and vaudeville theater for the burgeoning Scandinavian community centered around Cedar Avenue, the Southern has been re-established as a center for contemporary performing arts over the past quarter-century. A distinctive proscenium arch frames the well-preserved brick walls, perfect for presenting dance and theater.


Ted Man Concert Hall
2128 S. 4th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Poised atop the bluffs of the Mississippi River, the magnificent Ted Mann Concert Hall plays perfect host to a wide variety of cultural, corporate and educational events. Located in the thriving West Bank Arts Quarter and easily accessible from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.


Theatre in the Round
245 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Theatre in the Round Players (TRP), one of the longest-running theatres in the state, performs a wide variety of comedies, drama, classics, and area premieres weekend evenings year-round. This award-winning work is performed on a unique and intimate arena stage, where you will see your favorite shows in a new perspective where the audience sits around the sides and the action takes place in the middle–called “in the round.”


West Bank School of Music
1813 S. 6th St
Minneapolis, MN 55454

The first music school in Minneapolis founded specifically to address the need for music education in popular and roots music styles like blues, jazz, folk, rock and roll, R & B, Celtic, and country. A gathering place for acclaimed folk and roots artists of the 1970s such as Bonnie Raitt, Spider John Koerner, Willie Murphy, and Dave Ray who came here to jam and socialize. Free public concerts, workshops, demonstrations, and school and community outreach programs.