Who said making the world a better place wasn’t all fun and games?

Town Hall is giving back with new program benefitting West Bank nonprofits, pint by lovely pint. Every month they are donating proceeds from each West Bank Ale sold to a local West Bank nonprofit. There’ll be an open kickoff event on the first Thursday of each month to celebrate, and for the month of December we’ll be celebrating: KFAI!


One of the strongest voices for true community in the Twin Cities is KFAI, broadcasting right from the heart of the West Bank neighborhood. They offer unique arts, talk, and cultural programming throughout the week: community affairs, health, artist interviews, literary discussions, radio drama, and documentaries. You can also find shows for the Twin Cities Hmong, Somali, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Oromo, Filipino, Cambodian, Vietnamese, South Indian, and Native American communities, among others. KFAI is Radio without boundaries broadcasting at FM 90.3 in Minneapolis and 106.7 in St. Paul.

For information about programming,  ways to get involved check out: http://kfai.org/

Join us in December as we lift our glass for the greater good with the Town Hall Gives Back program!

Are you a nonprofit that wants to be considered for the donation rotation at Town Hall? If so, please contact scottk@townhallbrewery.com for more information.

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