This week on the West Bank, I tried out Afro Deli & Coffee for the first time. I had heard how good the restaurant was so many times from so many people, so it was about time I ventured over to check it out! Located at 1939 S 5th Street, (within the African Development Center building), the restaurant was pretty easy to find.


The bright colors and personality of the restaurant truly stood out, in its appearance and their service. The atmosphere is as fun as the personality of the place is, with friendly workers and music playing. Housed within, they provide the options to sit at a table or on bar stools. Due to the beautiful weather, though, I decided to eat outside at the tables shaded by their notorious colored umbrellas. Out here, there is plentiful seating for everyone who tags along! Another option, though, if you’re running late or want to eat at home, you can simply ask for your food to go and indulge wherever you want.

A big aspect about Afro Deli, though, is that they also cater. This is a perfect opportunity for groups looking for lunch/dinner to serve at their events! Simply by giving them your budget and number of guests in attendance, Afro Deli will customize a menu and bring it to your event. Talk about convenience! From the events I have personally experienced, they brought a mixture of dishes, including salads, humus and veggie platter, and some traditional entrées. There’s something for everyone!

The food is what really sets Afro Deli apart from the rest. Averaging around $7 per meal, you will without a doubt leave feeling you got your money’s worth and more. They serve anything from gyros to burgers, salads to Somalia entrées. I personally tried the Chicken Fantastic, which is a bowl full of rice, veggies, chicken, and creamy sauce. There is literally only one way to describe it… Fantastic! They also have a variety of desserts and sides you can add to complete your meal, such as sweet potato fries, falafel, cakes, and baklava, (all of which are sweet and satisfying)! Aside from food, though, Afro Deli also serves delicious teas and coffees if you’re simply looking for an afternoon caffeine kick.

We can say all of these things with confidence and validity due to the amount of awards the restaurant has won, including best campus restaurant in 2013 from the Minnesota Daily. Countless other organizations have given such awards and media attention to Afro Deli, and clearly, for a deserving reason!

If you haven’t already heard about it, you’re hearing about it now! Go check out Afro Deli today!

(For more information, check out afrodeli.com).

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