This Week on the West Bank…

This week on the West Bank, I chose to visit the Hard Times Café. Housed right on Riverside, 1821 Riverside Avenue, you can basically see the café from the Herbert M. Hanson Jr. Hall on the West Bank, although I think with its creative, brightly painted storefront, it is pretty hard to miss!

The inside is as awesome as the outside. With amusing signs hanging from the walls, different colors splashed throughout the restaurant, and a cozy feel, it really is one of the most unique cafes I’ve been to yet. Perhaps the most unique aspect of it all, though, is the fact that all of their food is organic, serving many vegan dishes as well. This is an aspect that is hard to find on a college campus, which, (let’s be honest), encompasses the idea that fast food is the only thing students have time for, although the Hard Times is just as fast with better quality food.

Another unique aspect of Hard Times is that you order up front at the counter and can choose your own seating, (similar to the Purple Onion on the East Bank). They not only serve coffee drinks and bakery items, but actual food as well. I specifically ordered a hot chocolate and a seitan gyro with chips. I could not even finish my plate on an empty stomach! For a super low price, you get enough food for two meals, easily. Prices generally stayed below $10. For a massive plate of food, I call that a deal!

I don’t want to sell the classic café items short, though. The hot chocolate I ordered was creamiest and richest drink I had ever had, (for a low price too, of course)! Everything I purchased, in addition to the meals my friends had ordered, is highly recommended!

I could go on and on about all that the Hard Times Café has to offer, but nothing will compare to the actual ambiance itself… With more information provided online at, feel free to check it out. THEN head on over to the café today, (to stay warm with a gyro and cocoa, of course)!



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