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This week on the West Bank, I decided to have a nice, sit-down lunch at Mango Factory. Newer to the neighborhood, many of you might recognize Mango Factory as the bright colored business housed right next to Chipotle. You then could note that the restaurant is located SO close to campus, (at 233 Cedar Avenue S.); literally feet away from Walter F. Mondale Hall on the West Bank!

In addition to the outside features, Mango Factory has a very modern, clean, and sleek appeal to it, with white walls and counters paired with black and wooden furniture. The decoration and “mango” color accent brings out its unique personality. One of the most important things, though, is that there is plentiful seating! Whether it is at a booth, a seated table, or the bar, there seems to be enough room to have you covered during the lunch/dinner hour. Of course, there’s always the option of sitting outside, too, on warm fall, spring, and summer days!

The real treat is the variety the menu presents. I really should be saying menus, though, for they have 3 in total: a sushi bar menu, a kitchen menu, (which features other Japanese cuisine), and a beverage and dessert menu. I, personally, tried out some sushi; I got a simple avocado roll. Perfectly divided into 8 sections, the rolls were bite-sized and filling. You can, though, opt for a bigger roll including crab, spicy tuna, egg, veggies, and/or more. They have numerous selections that all can come with a side of ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. The best part? You can ask for a bowl of Miso soup to go along with an entrée as a special, FOR FREE. Side note: the fact that they sell bubble tea was pretty cool to me too!

When I went during the lunch hour, I was happy see the prices, and especially, the DEALS. In terms of sushi, rolls are generally priced around $5 and entrees around $10-$20, based on which plate you pick. In addition to each day having its own discount, (such as buy one roll, get one for $1 on Fridays from 8:30 P.M. to close), there was a lunch special of two or three basic rolls for a discounted price. In the end, just remember that Mango Factory has several really good deals on some really good food! (Check it all out online at

This leads me to my last point… I highly recommend trying Mango Factory for all of you sushi-fanatics out there. I was completely satisfied and, again, pleased to see the variety of rolls on the menu. Even if you’re not a big raw-fish kind of person, they have teriyaki dishes, ramen, salads, vegetable dishes, and more! Mango Factory overall is a good place for a date, a good place to go with friends, a good place for a quick bite to eat, and definitely a good place to check out!!

You can find out more about Mango Factory on their website:

Image used courtesy of Mango Factory.

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